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We’re all into ditching the lockdown mode this fall. Meet our most versatile dress shirts for any occasion – from a laid back leisure style, to business and evening wear (and no, we're not talking PJ's). We're talking about the Eton business shirt, with a luxe wrinkle-free feel, and a color that stays saturated wash after wash. Are you ready to get back to business? These shirts sure are.

Work-from-home to IRL

In our latest campaign Activate Business Mode, we teamed up with a stylist, an influencer and an actor to help you let go of your lockdown look, and step up your business game.

The Stylist's Take

"To achieve a more dressy look, I go for less is more. With this light blue striped shirt for example, I like to wear a blue suit coat and a dark blue matte tie. I also go for higher trousers and longer suit coats or blazers. That way, you'll avoid the so called Bermuda Triangle, a.k.a the gap between the belt and the second button where your shirt tend to peek out."


The Actor's Take

"The type of clothes can often be the key for me to be able to unlock a certain character when playing a role."


The influencer's Take

"I enjoy layering; throwing on an overshirt makes me feel put together in an instant. I love experimenting with and mixing different styles: sporty, dressy, and Rock n' Roll."


Featured Products

White Signature Twill ShirtWhite Signature Twill Shirt
White Signature Twill Shirt
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Black Grenadine Tie
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Black Wind Overshirt
Light Blue Houndstooth Fine Twill ShirtLight Blue Houndstooth Fine Twill Shirt
Light Blue Houndstooth Fine Twill Shirt
White Signature Twill ShirtWhite Signature Twill Shirt
White Signature Twill Shirt
Off whiteBlackBlueBlue+2
Light Blue Striped Poplin ShirtLight Blue Striped Poplin Shirt
Light Blue Striped Poplin Shirt
Black Textured Twill ShirtBlack Textured Twill Shirt
Black Textured Twill Shirt
Dark Blue Wool Blend TieDark Blue Wool Blend Tie
Dark Blue Wool Blend Tie
Brown Wrinkle-Free Flannel ShirtBrown Wrinkle-Free Flannel Shirt
Brown Wrinkle-Free Flannel Shirt